Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To My Roots...

Seemed like a good place to start...

So, anyway... it's like every weekend I just stare at them and scream "I'm just not at all in the mood!!!"

Because you see, I have these "things" growing in my lawn. And I've tried every which way and a half to get rid of them, but these are some really heftily burrowed buggers. And not even TruGreen could help!

So I finally "Googled" them. Yes, Google is my friend. And it seems that they are Wild Violets. So how do I get rid of them? I asked 'Ask Google' timidly. And lo and behold I received an answer!...just like that!

And the answer WAS.. of all things,... "Well, You don't! Just try to enjoy the pretty purply flowers they bring each Spring. And also... they are edible and provide for a really lovely garnish."

Um OK....except not.

Anyway, I just spent a really long weekend in my yard...

So much for a bright and lucrative future in hand modeling.

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