Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Another Fun Day at Work...

Fifth Third Day 2013...

Each year we celebrate on 5/3 or May 3rd. How cute, right?

This year we chose a Cinco de Mayo theme and titled it "Cinco Tres de Mayo!" haha

We decorated the entire Bistro with Papel Picado banners which were created by each department in their own specific color, and then which were also the colors of the shirts each department was suppose to wear that day.

The delicious fare consisted of tacos, enchiladas, beans and rice, chips and black bean salsa and churros... as well as some pretty tasty non-alcholic margaritas. Yummy!

We had a photo booth set up where folks could dress up in traditional mexican costumes for their photo shoots... and also a couple of pinatas.

And then at some random time during lunchtime we did this...


I just love working at an awesome place!