Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have two wonderful sisters

Two ex-husbands

Two dads

Two computers

Two cats

Two jobs

A two car garage

A two story house

Two lawn mowers

Two beautiful daughters

Two amazing sons-in-law

An adorable granddaughter... who's two

And another one on the way (courtesy of daughter number two)

who has two very cute feet...

And one very perfectly perfect little nose...

I am two lucky!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Graphically Designed Summer... part Two

So this is how it went down.

I had this idea all planned out about how to demonstrate the 5 major elements of Design...


I even took last Thursday off from work as "vacation" day to work on it. That was the day of that major downpour and thunderstorms for any of you who live around me may remember. Anyway, just as a reminder to anyone within the sound of my voice, please do not ever forget to "save your work" as you're going along. Yes, that is exactly what did not happen in my case...

So after the electricity came back on I decided to completely dump the old idea... and come up with a new one.

Which I think turned out better than the first one would have anyway...

Here goes: (clickable)




Proportion (The Golden Triangle... and my personal favorite that began as and resulted in a ton of recoloring, resizing and rotating.)

And this one that I completely and utterly ripped right off of the Internet.. but somehow managed to make it my own anyway...


Oh yes, and I got some extra credit for this one. The totally under rated element of... Surprise.

...which I totally ripped off of the Internet as well.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Graphically Designed Summer... part One

Seriously, I have so been dreading this. Not that I don't like doing it and I do it all the time anyway, but 2 nights a week until 10 pm when I HAVE to do it is a little bit tough.

That being said...

Our first assignment was to help our professor put a name to a face and to give him an idea of our proficiency in the following applications...

Adobe Acrobat
Apple OS X

Not necessarily in that order (except it just so happens that that's pretty much MY order.)

Ok, so anyway... Voila!... My first assignment.

If nothing else, I am now a fairly proficient PhotoShop bubble maker...