Friday, July 30, 2010


I am such a huge fan of Clack Goddesses! I don't know how it is they do what they do! It must be really, really, really hard and stressful work!

I mean, most of us get to go in, sit down and just enjoy the show!... while those "often taken-for-granted few" are just beginning their evening of gruelingly hard work... at times risking their admission, cameras, video cards, cell phones and even their own pocketbooks!

So as a habit, I don't do it.

(except for once in Indianapolis...)

And I did it with this big ole' honkin' video cam of all things!

I hadn't yet acquired a state of the art, tiny little digital one with which to do the work so I just stuffed my old faithful big crappy one in my oversized bag (the same one that I'd used for the last 10 years to tape the thousands of dance, soccer, choir, band, pom pom and every other imaginable silly, cute or memorable moment of my kid's lives) ... and walked in.

Security must have been really lax that night...

And it did the job!... And I got some really good stuff! But I seriously had no idea how to share it... as much as I wanted to!

(Keep in mind, this was 5 years ago after all, and some of us were much slower in developing our techno savvy skills than others.)

So these tapes have basically just been sitting idol in my tape drawer for the past 5 years now... Until last night when, for some reason, watching the new "Juke Box Tour On Crack" clack, made me want to pull them out and watch them again!

(except that I no longer have a VCR to watch them ON!!!)

And so... it's in times like these... when we realize that our techno savvy skills acquired over the years... have finally begun to pay off!

Here's just one (and quite hilarious, I might add) little sample... from it.

Lightbulb moment!!!

Looking for another NINE little gems sort of like that one!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clay's New Backup Singer..

Why can't I ever seem to escape it?

But good for her! And HERE'S to continuing employment.

The song sort of resonates in me too...

Shoot, you'd think that I'd at least be able to somehow finagle another pittance of a Meet & Greet out of it...

But a year from now I'm sure that link won't make any sense at all... and I'll completely wonder what the point was.

Updated 2015... Nope, I still remember.

The Timeless Juke Box Tour (on Crack)...

And so we're off! On a 17 city tour!

I'll be downloading continuously I'm sure. It's been a heck of a long time!

Today I tried to "left click and save!" haha

Anyway...they are absolutely hilarious together!

Can't wait for my one and only concert...

in Hammond, IN.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Sad, Sad Day...

But it's time, ya know?

Today I peeled about 30 pages of old theatre reviews out of a magnetic scrapbook and tried to salvage them as best I could. Please, don't ever put anything thats important to you into a magnetic scrapbook!

And that was just the beginning...

Please... to all you future Camp Directors! Never, ever give your swimming champs ribbons made out of felt, embellished with macaroni alphabet letters. Just don't!

Hopefully I'll be able to salvage some of the other stuff that was in that scrapbook...

Anyway, the time comes eventually, for everyone I guess, when you figure you just don't really need to keep ALL THAT STUFF anymore. I've given most of it about 40 years... I looked at it all once again just now... and realized that this one moment of a memory was probably the reason I've been saving it for all these years. And it was worth it I guess because it was one sweet afternoon of memories.

Some of my memories even got an outdoors photoshoot!

My Lambie...

His Profile...

I can't even remember when Bunny wasn't in my life...

This is really, really hard!

And it gets worse!!!

But after reading a dozen or so entries that said pretty much "Didn't do anything today" or "Danny said he had to pretend not to be my boyfriend or his friend would tell his mom" I figured I could probably live out the rest of my life without it... along with the cheap pink nail polish.

But the very saddest of all was this one.

Mom made for me when I was 3 and she sat on my bed for probably 10 years. But since then she's been sitting in a box in my basement for nearly half a century... and somehow cardboard boxes don't bring out the best in maintaining a healthy and youthful glow and they also promote major mildew....

*makes note to self to keep the really important things in my life on my bed from now on...*

But I guess if I was finally able to toss out these (ruby, custom-made) shoes from the "Hollywood/Ukraine" tour... you can pretty much believe I could probably toss out just about anything...

(Thank goodness I accidentally left my bag of Chorus Line shoes on the subway after my last performance so at least I don't have to deal with THAT...)

All this... even after seeing "Toy Story 3" and sobbing!...

But for sure all my kid's stuff stays! Or at least until they come back someday to claim it...