Saturday, June 20, 2015

First Place!

So I have to admit I hadn't been keeping up very well on my running training after the RiverBankRun. I went on vacation and tried running a couple of times, but the altitude out there killed me! And so it wasn't until two weeks ago in the grocery store, when I just happened to see a pamphlet for Run4ACause, a 5k in my own little town of Ada, that my feet finally perked up again!

And how fun that I wouldn't even have to wake up before my normal Saturday morning wake up time!

The Route!!!

Anyway, two weeks is not a lot of time to try and get back in shape! But I did my best!

This morning was beautiful! Could not have asked for a lovlier day! And then Cheryl surprised me by showing up with her camera to grab this pic of me "Rockin' My Socks" near the Start Line. (Yes, the theme of the run this year was "Rock Your Socks!" :)

Bless her heart!

Starting off is always easy (Always! lol... this was only my second race!) but then about 5 minutes into it I'm like.. "ugh this is really, really hard!" And like I've said before, I have no idea why I even enjoy doing this!

At about the half mile mark... Thanks again Cheryl! :)

I'd started off running with Ken, a friend from work, who consistently runs longer distances and who in fact is now training for the 26 mile Chicago Marathon this October after just finishing the 25k RiverBankRun in May. So I figured as long as I could keep him in sight I'd be fine, and even though he ran the entire time and I switched between power walking and sprinting in order to keep up with him, I basically DID. He finished about 40 seconds ahead of me. But HA, who am I kidding with "about"??? Yes, it was EXACTLY 40 seconds lol, because seconds matter when it comes to these things! :)

Afterwards we enjoyed some ice cream compliments of Culvers, Yum! And then I went home...

...only to check the website to find I had placed first in my age group!!! So of course I drove back down to pick up my medal! (I seriously could have walked as long as it took me to drive and park!)

And to be perfectly honest, there were only 4 people in my age group (60-99) that ran, but when you think about it that's something to be proud of in itself, right?

Beat my previous time by 36 seconds!

Oh, and I would also have won 1st place if I'd been 55... 2nd place if I'd been 50... and 4th place if I were still 45, etc, etc...