Saturday, October 5, 2013

Continuing Yard Care Woes?... or just Suspicious Yard Care Service?...

Just when I thought I'd finally whittled so many of my home ownership headaches down to a minimum... I took these beautiful pics of my yard to send to my girls last weekend (Saturday, September 28th to be exact...)

A pretty ok and decent looking yard, right? I thought they turned out really nice!

Then the very next Monday, (September 30th to be exact), my lawn service (who's name I won't disclose at the moment) dropped by to apply my early fall healthy lawncare application.

Here's a partial copy of the note they left on my door along with what they about my lawn diagnosis:

Sorry we missed you. Garage was locked so went through neighbors yard to get to your backyard. Liquid fertilizer was applied. Brownish areas in lawn due mainly to drought/stress.

(Huh? I don't remember seeing many brownish spots in my yard yesterday. I saw a ton of mushrooms *due to moisture* that I mowed over just on Saturday. Other than that I thought my lawn looked really, really great and healthy!)

Now is the best time for seeding. For best results keep seeded areas moist. Between rain and sprinklers lawn needs 1" to 1 1/2 inches per week. Use a tuna can or cat food can to measure...


Anyway this is what my yard looks like today. Just four days after my "healthy lawncare application"... Seriously, I've taken care of this yard for 20 years, been through PLENTY of "droughts" yet have never quite seen anything like THIS!

A lot of leaves have fallen in the past few days and it's kind of rainy out, but still.

This seriously doesn't look like a matter of "heat stress" to me.. More like a case of a BOTCHED healthy lawncare application.


It had better recover, that's all I have to say!

On a brighter note... Isn't this gorgeous?