Saturday, August 2, 2014

Big Goals (and a little wishlist)...

I think this idea of serious goal making probably all began just about a month ago while driving from Boise to Driggs, Idaho with my daughter Daryn. She's gotten all into this health, fitness, self-improvement stuff lately. No seriously, I am so proud of her!.. and may I add she's done a remarkable job of motivating me as well! Both of my girls, in fact, are such hugely inspirational forces in my life. They completely complete me and never fail to help me remember who I am!

But back to how this all started...

So there we were driving through the less than inspiring landscape between the Western and Eastern sides of the Great State of the Potato when I suddenly learned something of huge value and worth and immediately became extremely INSPIRED. Wanna know what it was? Are you ready?

Ok... here goes. Do you know that if you were offered either One Million Dollars ($1,000,000)... OR just one single penny (.01) which would double in value every day for 30 days, that if you'd chosen the million dollar route you would have been a fool and lost out on over Nine Million Dollars ($9,000,000)???!!!

Go ahead, grab a calculator and check it out for yourself!

So that was basically the major premise of the first chapter of Jeff Olson's The Slight Edge. (What an amazing book!)

Now I realize that it would be nearly impossible for most anyone to be able to double their money like that for 30 continuous days (or at least past day 15), but let's be serious, we're not really talking (literally) about money here, right? But the amazing thing to me is that (if it WERE possible) that it wouldn't be until day 27 (right nearly close to the finish line) that you'd have finally SURPASS (BY FAR!) having chosen the "easy way."

Whoa was I ever hooked!

So then I read The Compound Effect, another book recommended by my daughter, which was pretty much along the same lines and equally inspiring.. the basic premise being that "Every seemingly unsubstantial daily task and habit that we engage in naturally snowballs into either big successes or failures over time." Wow, I just totally paraphrased that and ended up quoting myself! Hee!

So just lately I've been on this quest to break down my larger goals into teeny tiny little pieces of every day habitual actions. And everything seems so simple and much more do-able now!

I started out by listing my long term goals (where I want to be 20 - 30 years from now.)

Then I made another list of what I want to be able accomplish within the next year ~ things that will be in accordance with and that will eventually help lead me towards my ultimate goals.

And then... there are 12 months in every year which will each take some major planning, organization and committment in order to accomplish what I need to achieve on my journey.

Finally... I started using THIS FORM to track the things that I need to do on a daily/weekly basis. And has it been so much fun writing out my week's plans. I look forward to doing it every Sunday!

I just LOVE this quote from Jim Rohn, author of the book "The Art of Exceptional Living"...

"NOW is the time to fix the next 10 years." WOW!!!

MY LONGTERM GOALS ~ or "Where I Want To Be in 20 to 30 Years"

1. Be living a healthy, active life.

2. Have enough money to be able to live well.

3. Own a home in a beautiful setting closer to my kids, small enough to manage but large enough for visitors.

4. Have a "10" relationship with each of my amazing family members.

5. Be in a good place with my spirituality.

6. Have substantial outlets for my talents that can be practiced on a regular basis and shared with others.

7. Be able to travel sufficiently enough to see a few parts of this beautiful country/world that I haven't yet seen.

8. To maintain a clear, intelligent, ever-expanding and TOLERANT mind.

9. If not a soul-mate, then at least have one or two really amazing friends that I can continue to do fun, crazy, 20-Something type things with until the day I'm dead, or something...

10. To leave something of value to my children and grandchildren when I'm gone, both financially and historically.

So that may or may not sound like a whole lot to aim for, but to me it sounds huge! It sounds like a TON to me actually. In fact it sounds PERFECT!

Anyway, I know I still have a long, long, LONG ways to go on this journey. But all of a sudden, I am SO excited!!!



I would just love for each of my children to be able to bring their families to Michigan to visit Grandma's House just one time before I eventually pack up and leave this place... because there is so much do to and experience here and so much beauty!


Don't just think it...INK IT!