Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Though I'm not really sure I'm even that fond of the holiday!

Perhaps it's because of remembering being sick on this day all throughout my childhood, and once I became a mom having to stay up until the crack of dawn the night before trying to finish costumes... And now that I'm an empty nester being forced to sit in my basement all night with the lights off...

Yeah I know... Bah HallowHumBug, right?

But at least it's one night out of the year that gives me no other choice than to do my laundry...

Hope you have a good one!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This just in! And my Halloween spirit is suddenly back!

And then there was Batman and Superman...

So I'm pretty much just left with nothing but schmoopie now.

Friday, October 28, 2011

And Now Jadie is Four!

Out of 365 days, how did I end up with two granddaughters whose birthdays are a day apart... and just days before Halloween? I'm pretty sure they'll be completely sick of scary pumpkin and spiderweb cupcakes before they're twelve.

Trust me...

But today is the day to honor MISS JADE and that wonderful early morning that she came into the world!

Whitney had called me from the hospital really late at night, so I knew it was inevitable, but I still didn't have any trouble sleeping. Because what could I do from 2,000 miles away anyway? Childbirth is so much easier when you're the grandma! But don't get me wrong, I still had wonderful, smiling dreams that night about my soon to be born, toe-headed blond, first granddaughter.

And then Aaron called me right before the crack of dawn to announce that Jade was here!... and that she had the thickest crop of black hair he'd ever seen.

And I'd simply LOVE to be able to share a picture of that adorable thick head of black hair right here and now, but I've been given the error message "Image cannot be uploaded due to an internal error" for about 4 hours now!

Don't you just love it when technology is on your side?... And on your granddaughter's birthday yet!!!!

Anyway, please trust me. She was beautiful then... but she's even MORE beautiful now! With an unruly crop of lightish brown hair!

Happy Birthday Jadie!!!

I love you!

Grandma Jannet



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One day old...


Four years old!..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Miss Rachel!...

My sweet little granddaugther Rachel turned ONE today. And so how can that be?

Can you slow it down just a little bit Ray?

Not that I don't want you to learn to walk and talk and read on schedule or anything like that, but it would just be really great to be able to be there the first time you do SOMETHING... anything. Perhaps it'll be your first dance recital? Or maybe the first time you discover the joys of Sushi...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it!

I just miss my big girl!

A Letter to Rachel (Written a couple of weeks ago)

Happy Birthday Rachel! I can't believe you're a year old already!

I remember when your mom and dad found out they were going to have you and I was so happy to hear that I was going to have another sweet granddaughter. And then I was especially excited to see your very first pictures that the doctor took when you were still in your mommy's tummy. I think it's amazing how they can do that these days. And well you just had the most perfect little head and feet and I just knew that you were going to be a beautiful baby. And were you ever! When I saw that first picture of you in your bassinet after you were born, I told everyone that I'd never seen a newborn that looked more alert and well... just any more perfect.

I live so far away right now, but I've still gotten the chance to hold you and rock you and play with you and see you grow three different times already since you were born. So that's good! The first time when you were 3 weeks old, and then twice again when you were 6 months and 10 months. I'm hoping that I'm able to continue doing that as you grow up so that I can experience all your little first things, even if I don't get to see you do all those things the very first time. I hear that you just took your first steps the other day, and I'm so very sad that I wasn't there to see it. But I know I will smile SO big the first time I hear you say Grandma!

You are such a precious little girl and I look forward to watching you grow and seeing all of your accomplishments. You have a long and wonderful life ahead of you and I know that you will live it well... and that you will be a wonderful daughter to your mom and dad and make them proud. I'm so proud of you already!

I think the best thing your mom ever sent me was a video of you laughing. I watched it over and over again and couldn't stop smiling. It just made my whole day, that day! Make sure mom saves that one for you forever and ever, ok?

This is getting too long, so I'll just say that I can't wait to see your beautiful little face again and to give you a big hug and kiss! I hope I'll be able to move out closer to you soon!

Love you Rachel! Hope you have a wonderful 1st Birthday! Tell your mom and dad to take lots and lots of pics of you eating your delicious 1st birthday cake!

Rachel eating her delicious 1st birthday cake...

Thanks mom and dad!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Say "Cheeze" Boyz...

But American, Swiss, Jack or Cheddar? That is the question.

Note the little slice of "cheeze" in Jade's hand at the very end!... lol

So I think I'm gonna have to go with Cheddar...

I don't know about you, but in my opinion that was WAY too much cuteness to even contain!

Thank you Jade!.. And Boyz!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Guesses Who This Is...

Hint: We're not related.

Sorry, but I just found it... and don't have a folder to stick him in anymore. So I had to stick him somewhere...

Watch for him on Celebrity Apprentice some time in 2012. Not sure when exactly. See how out of the loop I am?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time To Lighten The Mood I Think...

Or at least temporarily...

Do I work in a fun place, or what?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why?... Because I Can. And also because I had a three day weekend...

My only regret is that I have way too many pictures/videos and not nearly enough music...

For the kids. And nothing more...

Ok, well maybe just a little bit more.