Friday, December 25, 2009

A "Reindeering"...

Look what I got from Jade for Christmas!

And well, from her Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Neal too...

I just love it!

Monday, December 21, 2009

What I Really Meant To Say Was... "Merry Christmas!"...

Though in actuality, this picture WAS taken at Thanksgiving...

My "This Year's 10 Most Favorite Things To Be Thankful For" List:
  • Passing three of the hardest classes I've ever taken in my life with flying colors.
  • Remaining gainfully employed in a wonderful company with management that always nurtures my somewhat random abilities and talents.
  • Getting a new car and some direly needed home repairs done while at the same time snowballing myself almost completely out of debt (for the most part). *thank you Dave Ramsey*...
  • Discovering a miracle cure for Poison Ivy.
  • Reconnecting with so many friends from my past. (Technology can be a pain but it can be such a blessing too.)
  • Not sliding off the road even once.
  • Being able to see my family TWICE this year and hearing my granddaughter call me by name.
  • Knowing that Daryn and Jon are now together forever.
  • Getting over Clay Aiken.
  • Finally training my kitties to not sleep right on top of my feet when in fact they DO have the whole entire rest of the house.
  • Netflix
Ok, so I guess that's eleven...

I probably could have gone for twelve...

Merry Christmas to all of the many, many of you who are reading this... and even to those very few of you who aren't... *g*


Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Took More Work Than You Could Probably Imagine...

After 14 weeks of working on this thing (along with around 20 hours per week of additional homework assignments) I somehow managed to finish up my final project for my "Flash" class a week ahead of schedule.

Now, please understand... I GET blogging. I GET MySpace and FaceBook... but this was nothing like trying to figure out any of those. Rather like comparing boiling an egg, toasting a bagel or making jello to creating a Boeuff Bourginione from the recipe of Julia Child...

Ok, so anyway... Please feel free to click on the (very large) thumbnail below.


Unfortunately it was deleted from the GRCC hosting site once I graduated. But trust me, it was really cool! *sigh*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

GaGa Ooo-La-La...

Shoot I just can't help it. I freakin' love this video!

Earworm to the max!

Should my mother be concerned?

Or my granddaughter for that matter?

As for my kids, I'm sure they're both just rolling their eyes...

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