Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Inner "Fangirl" Is Finally Back!!!...

Who'd have ever thought? (!!!)

Sorry... This preview version has been deleted because the full length version is now HERE.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My First "Professional" Gig *g*

Ok... so this was fun.

I work for a bank (which shall remain nameless...)

But anyway, we have this BIG celebration... on 5/3 of every year...

This year, the overall goal of the bank has been for each department/area/affiliate to refrain from working in silos and to become "ONE BANK" to meet our customer's needs.

So anyway... our affiliate, being the West Michigan one, (or me... I seriously can't remember)... came up with this silly idea of doing a music video set to Bob Marley's tune of "One Love."

And as silly as it may seem, it really ended up being pretty amazing overall!

Each department in our Operations Center was given exactly ONE day to learn the words to the music and THEN given only a 5 minute (one chance shot) to record it. We did this whole thing in about 2 hours!

Fun stuff! And corny? You betcha! But this all happened somehow seamlessly during our lunch hour. There's something to be said about teamwork!

And then I had the fun challenge of editing it... which was actually pretty easy since there ended up being MORE than enough material to work with!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow, It's April Already!

Seriously... I had no intention of neglecting my blog for this long! And I'm sure that all my avid and loyal readers have just been waiting with bated breath...

But this winter went by for me really quickly! Huge projects will tend to do that to you.

Ok, so this is the first thing I've posted since I got my Mac and I have to admit everything feels a little bit weird. Just saving pictures to post has been a major challenge! But I did manage (somehow) to get this screencap which features all the iDVD files that I've been working on ever since the snow began to fly. I think I only have one or two left to do!

My children's entire young lives captured in that one little screencap...

I hope they'll be excited...