Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip To Idaho... And Pictures for Gramma

So much fun! Such cute kids! My darlings!

And since the only people who ever really read my blog are the ones who took the pictures, I won't elaborate too much on the descriptions. Just wanted to share the pics with mom.

*Click on Image to enlarge it and then Right click and Save As* Got it?

A Boise Afternoon

Love this little girl!

Ray In The Morning.

Cute Kids In Tetonia



Mommy's Kitchen Helpers

Calder - What A Smile!

Everest - Wheee!

StoryTime and Poltergeist Chairs...

Jade helping mom with her Halloween costume. Jump start!

Whit and Me Being Crafty...

A Walk Through The Neighborhood.

A Ladybug!

Ms. Jade

A Visit To the Teton Ranch (With Aaron's sculpture in the background...)

Beautiful Landscaping!

Plus a Sandy Beach!

Meanwhile, Back in Rexburg...

Daryn and Jon had a great time visiting with his family!

And Then We Joined Them The Next Day at the Splash Park.

It Was Really, Really Hard To Leave!


...Boo, Hoo, Hoo... :(

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures mom!

And if you're not able to save them succesfully somehow... just contact either Jade or Rachel and I'm pretty sure one or the other of them will be able to help you out... heh.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help! I Need Your Opinion....

So I had these two pine trees removed from the side of my house last week. They were pretty much dead at the bottom but still growing strong and healthy at the top while at the same time were completely beginning to take over my second story roof.

Well these guys came and cut them down in the middle of a major thunderstorm. Funny how it doesn't rain even a single day for a month before or after, but the one day I schedule the "procedure"... it pours! Still, they did I terrific job, and no dead bodies laying in my yard due to lighting strikes at all!

And my side yard really looked alot better after that. Except for the stumps.

Next day, the stump guy came by.

And I'm not really sure why I was thinking I'd come home to a beautiful, stump free, new and improved, landscaped side yard once he was finished.

This photo was taken after about six hours of hauling and spreading about all the residual sawdust! Keep in mind, these were two relatively small pine stumps. And yes, there is still a ton of work ahead.

And so this is where I need your opinion... because when he'd stopped by to give me the initial quote on the pines I spoke to him about also possibly removing THIS behemoth sometime in the near future.

He said "No problem!" and even gave me a really great quote!

So I went to his website today and I guess this is what I have to look forward to (be sure and wait for slideshow photo # 5... Because cleanup is not included. :(

A Smaller Stump Than Mine!

So should I do it?.. or should I finally just move the hell outa here and let somebody else deal with this awesome yard?

Sorry... it's just that I also spent two hours this afternoon filling 5 large yard waste bags with Mustard Garlic from my woods. Yes, you heard that right. My woods!

Unfortunately, my acre of this invasive thing has already gone to seed... So it's gonna be a fun five years trying to get rid of it! Year round!

So please, if you ever come across a little patch of these little beauties, don't just smile and walk on by.

Nope, just grab 'em up by their pretty little necks and bag them. (And then label the bag "Invasive!"...)

And finally, the only real reason that I even wrote this little blog today was just to delay a little further the two hours, or so, of mowing that I still have to look forward to this evening...

Before I pack.