Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Bunnies!...

It's just so hard living this far away! I thought of sending candy... but then it's hard to know who's allowed candy these days. I thought of sending toys, but then they always just break and end up in the bottom of a closet, or in the middle of the living room floor.

So instead, I thought I'd just send a whole lot of love and a couple hours of my time...

I actually tried to morph those faces into the bunny faces, and I got really, REALLY close to making it work but in the end, to be honest, it all turned out looking sort of creepy... so I eventually gave up and settled for this. Hope you like it!

(Sorry about the older (younger?) pictures of the twins... )

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Could Just Listen To These All Day!...

My children are so talented!

I wish there was a way I could share all of their talents with the world without everyone think I was like a "dance mom," or something. Because I never was and never will be, or at least to the extent that some "dance moms" I've known have been. And anyway, they're all grown up now and on their own, so it's pretty much a moot point. So all I can really do now is just be their biggest fan and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Sometimes I wish media sharing was easier because I seriously have enough material to encompass a full length documentary...

Thankfully Daryn made THIS "share" fairly easy for me!

I have no idea where that all came from because I was never a "piano mom" either. And I only served as a partial vocal coach for one evening in 1987, as far as I remember...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My "GoTo" Vacation Destination of Choice...

Who'd have ever thought?

There are folks at my workplace who travel the world. There are a few who somehow manage to take a cruise (or two) each year. Some regularly visit the historical sites of the East and South or take in the dazzling excitement and rhythm of say, New York, Las Vegas or Chicago. Others enjoy the many resplendent offerings of nature in the Northwest, Northeast... or at least the Michigan lakeshore.

For me? It's...

Because, you see, Idaho is HOME to all my little spuds. (Ok kids, I realize that I'm really stretching the humor a bit here.) But seriously? Right now there is nowhere else I would rather be. For reals!

Here's Rachel enjoying some of her mommy's homemade potato soup...

Is that a potato I spy on the 3rd plate from the left?

I'm pretty sure this is NOT a potato. Perhaps a very large fry???

But seriously (just as a side note) I have never, ever seen a potato field at any time during my travels there.

Anyway, I've just returned, haven't even finished unpacking but have already booked my next flight back! I just miss all of these little fries so much already! Both the small and the supersized...

*end of potato humor*

What a crew at the Boise Zoo!

They were pretty much every which way!

But I SO enjoyed being able to spend that time with them!

And SO glad Whitney's family was able to make the trip over to Boise!

I LOVED this evening!

Good job Jon! On both counts!

One of my favorite pictures of the week!


Also glad that Gramma was able to make the trip as well! It was great to see her... and I know it meant so much to her to hold these little ones!

The Old Idaho State Penetentiary was very, very interesting. And it seriously made me want to never, EVER do anything bad...

I'm sure these probably have to be some of the cutest picture ever taken inside of that place...

Talk about juxtaposition...

Yeah, I know I've already shared a ton of pictures but not nearly a fraction of what I wish I could share. Somehow my life has pretty much become defined now by a series of photos I'm able to share maybe twice a year. So just two more, ok?

Shaylee and Me

Me and Loch

I think I might just leave that old, dusty, beige, zippered suitcase on my bedroom floor where it is right now. Perhaps I won't even finish unpacking.

And maybe this will be my view the next time I visit... but hopefully without the snow.

See? Not a potato field in sight!

So anyway, yeah... I am just really missing all of my little tater tots right now! Hoping to be able to permanently peel myself away from GR and mash myself closer to you sometime in the not too distant future.

And in the meantime... BE PROUD!

Couldn't resist!