Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fastest Fly By Summer Ever!...

Well, they seem to be quickly wrapping up all the road work around here that has caused major detours to my routes all summer, but school buses have a quickly ensuing and important function I guess. It seems like just yesterday I was crossing my own school's campus, slipping and sliding in all my winter gear. Yep, summer has just flown by! But pausing in my sadness to raise a glass half full to that thought... I'm done. I'm really, really done! No more Septembers for me!... or at least in the back to school sense of the word. And now I'll be able to focus even more dilegently on the upcoming leaf raking...

I remember (back in the day) when summers seemed to present such an endless stretch of possibilities. Sometimes I sure wish I could be young again. Except minus all the stupidity. The funny thing is that I think we sometimes only appreciate the past once we are finally past it. So I really tried to totally appreciate the few days (and thus my essential "summer") that I was able to spend with my wonderful family out in Utah last week and I think I succeeded. I love them! I had such a great time. Visiting with both the very young and the very old of my clan... gave me such a new appreciation for the circle of life and the old adage "For every time there is a season..."

*Raises a very wistful glass to Seasons!*... of which yet another one is about to expire...

A couple of pics...



Four Generations

With Papa

And here's my Summer 2011 Album: Though I was only able to be there for a very brief part of it. Still, technology is awesome!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally... Fini!

I know, it's a little crazy that I made such a big deal about graduating last April. I knew I still had one more class to take but it was still pretty cool. Little did I know that this last class would be so hard and encompass every waking moment of most of my summer.

But I done! Fini! And driving home from class last Wednesday night it actually crossed my mind that I might not ever have to drive in the dark again. Or go downtown, unless it's for something fun! It's been 10 years of spending a good deal of evenings at school after working all day. Not sure how I did it. It was really tough! But like my mom always use to say... um, hmmm... I must have blocked it out. But I think it had something to do with the impossible just taking a little bit longer. I don't even remember when I got to the point of believing I'd ever be done!

Anyway... Here are my projects from my last class. You can click on them to enlarge, but after that hit your back button to come back. I just don't have the energy to create "open in a new window" codes right now...

An Ad Campaign for a Fruit. I chose the raspberry...

A Public Service Announcement Series for "Hand Washing"...

A Mock Website for a Sheet Music Company...

Home Page

Home Page Dropdown

Browse All

Browse Dropdown

Broadway Page

Broadway Dropdown

Order Sheet Music

An Ad Campaign for a New Organic Vegetable Drink (Natural Gas)...

The Billboard

Marketing Giveaway

An InfoGraphic for Light Pollution...

Trust me... they took a lot longer to do than it just took to navigate through them.


And... YIPPEE!

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