Monday, May 7, 2012

But First...

I'll never forget all those years of working at Disneyland. In fact it seemed like home for a very long time. I know I probably went a little crazy pointing out every little memory to Whit and her family while we were there but really, it was a huge and important time in my life.

I didn't recognize the outskirts at all!

The backstage lot, where I first fell in love... now consists of a huge parking garage.

And we use to get guest passes for free...

This photo was taken somewhere around the intersection of Ball Road and the street that is now called Disney Way.

That's me down there sitting on Paul's lap about mid-way towards the bottom. And no, he wasn't my first love. Unfortunately this pic was taken on my first love's day off... :(

"Main Street" however, has somehow still managed to forever stay the same...

Electrical Parade - Cinderella Unit 1973

Clarabelle - Christmas Parade 1974/1975

America On Parade - Showboat Showgirl 1975

Easter Parade 1975

It was a blast! It was a really, really sweaty couple of years in my life as I recall... but still a blast!

Ah, here he is, my first love, 20 years later... Reunited. *g*

And so who in the heck dressed me for this grand reunion anyway?...

And Now!... The Most Magical Place On Earth!..


  1. Who dressed him!?

    This is harder than commenting in Facebook.

  2. Wonderful years! I loved going to Disneyland everytime I wanted to, to watch my girls dance in the parades. It was a thrill every time.

  3. Luv'd it J. Thanks for the memories.

    Love M