Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Vacation 2012 or "It Was Such A Vacation Coming Home"... Part 1 - Utah

I had such a wonderful time!  Really.  But there must be a reason why our child bearing years end right at about the same time our inability to chase after them does...

First of all, and for the first time ever I think, all six legs of my flights went exactly as scheduled.  No delays, no lost luggage, no unplanned sleepovers in some strange hotel.  Leg room for my two legs however has still not improved...

First stop Draper, Utah where I spent the night with my sister Alison who was kind enough to pick me up at SLC.  It's such a pleasure visiting with my sis, she always has the best stories and can always make such a mean salad!  This time she used pickled herring...  Charlie her husband thought it made the house smell, but I didn't notice.

"Against my wishes, she cooked fishes," he said.  Lol!

We went over all the details of this amazing new "business opportunity" she's recently gotten into called Zeek Rewards and she spent a couple of hours helping me get started...  But more about that later...

On Friday morning Daryn, Jon and Rachel picked me up on their way down from Boise and after a quick stop at Subway headed to Grandma's condo to join Whitney, Aaron and kids.  Very strange being at the house without Grandma and Grandpa!  But I think we were able to leave it "better than we found it" after our three day stay... : )

The first order of business was to trek up the hill to Aspen Ridge, the rehab facility where mom is recovering from her upper femur fracture.  You can see it up ahead. (The facility, not the femur fracture)...

This place seems to be becoming her home away from home.  But if you have to go somewhere, I guess this is the place to be.  A true 5-Star Hotel!  In fact, they made her sign a disclaimer when she checked in saying she understood that she couldn't stay there forever.  haha

On to Nane's room.

Kids everywhere...

Nane's Room

Daryn with her Grandma

We had the adventure of lifting mom into the car with wheelchair in tow and taking her out to Provo's finest Sizzler to celebrate hers and Whitney's birthdays. It was so much fun to see all my sisters, brother and their families. Carol, Lori and Whit did an amazing job of pulling it all together! But a buffet with a 5-kazillion kids (or so it seemed) was interesting to say the least...

Everyone got together and bought mom a Wii Sports package. Afterall, she IS the current Aspen Ridge Wii Bowling Champion!

Saturday was a busy day with us all going every which way at different times. But only after having lunch with grandma in the rehab's dining room. The breaded shrimp faire was cruise worthy!

Shopping, running errands, picking up after the kids, squeegying the showers:), the guys date and the gals date kept us juggling...

Finally a breather... Titanic 3D... It was fantastic!

Continued memories being made...

Sunday was a relaxing day with Whit and I joining mom for church at the center. It lasted 45 minutes. My kind of church!

I was so sad to hug Daryn and her little family goodbye. I don't get to see them nearly enough! But they were able to visit some other members of their family on their way back to Boise to continue the fun :)

I just love these pictures!


We brought grandma over to the house for the afternoon. First time she'd been back in six weeks! Lunch took a little more time to prepare than we had planned so I had to call rehab to ask if she could be allowed out for a little more than her allotted 4 hours. I looked for an ankle device, but didn't see one. haha

Anyway, they said that would be fine and it was nice to be able to spend some more time with her.

Lunch on the patio

The weekend provided such a great opportunity for the kids to get together. Cousins forever!!!

And now it is 12 hours and counting until lift off... and the condo is a complete mess! Sorry mom :( And so with miles to go before we sleep, aren't they just so adorable still?

Fishes and Dishes...

Next up... Orange County

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