Sunday, May 13, 2012

It Was Such A Vacation Coming Home... Part 4 - California Adventure

I have to say that the old Disneyland parking lot sure does look different these days...

Today was our day to visit the new California Adventure park and I didn't know what to expect. We started off the day however back at Magic Kingdom for some do-overs of our favorite rides as well as to catch a few things that we hadn't had time to do yesterday. For one... taking those requisite photos in front of the train station.

Jade looked adorable in her Rapunzel dress and it was so sweet how the Disney characters that we met adressed her by either by "Rapunzel" or "Princess." The look of complete awe and wonderment that registered on her face when she met "Tink" was worth the price of admission...

By noon we were headed over to C.A. It was strange seeing it for the first time. It seriously didn't feel like we were at Disneyland and I still don't have a feel for how it's laid out, as opposed to the Magic Kindom wherein I know every nook and cranny. But it was fun going on rides for the very first time, as opposed to ones I'd pretty much grown up on. Here are a few pictures.

Jumpin' Jellyfish

LadyBug Boogie

The foyer outside the 3D Movie "It's A Bugs Life.." haha

I don't recall going on a ton of rides, maybe because I didn't have this quenching need to relive my childhood and I didn't mind taking my turn strollering the boys around.

Whitney and Aaron got to go on all the "big kid" rides... *sigh*

Tower of Terror... (Trust me, I didn't mind taking one for the team for this one AT ALL...)

We took a little break while Jade enjoyed and danced around at the Disney Junior Show...

... and collected some junk.

But I think that overall, except for trying to hold onto squirmy little Everest on the Heimlick Chew Chew Train, Soarin' Over California will probably be what I'll remember most about the day. The video just doesn't do it justice. It was amazing! But for some very odd reason, Jade was not a fan. :(

It had been a very long two days for a couple of tired little boys (and their Grammy).. so I wasn't opposed to being the one to stay back at the condo that night (once their parents got them to bed of course :) I got a chance to read my book and see Elise given the boot on American Idol. Under different circumstances I would have loved to have gone back with the rest of the family to watch the amazing World of Color but again, I really didn't mind taking this one for the team either. Whitney and Aaron definitely deserved an evening off! Disney does it again! I'm just thankful for YouTube... and of course, sleeping babies.

Only two more days to fill. I think we'll be able to fill them. No problem.

Next Up: California Memories


  1. How is it, that every picture of Aaron on a ride, he is practically posing? How does he know when they snap the pictures?

  2. This was an experience of a lifetime! It was fun, but you probably don't want to repeat it. Right? Cherish the memory! Those little ones will be grown before you know it. Mother