Sunday, May 6, 2012

It Was Such A Vacation Coming Home... Part 2 - Delta Connection

Airplane rides nowadays are pretty much well, Hell. Period.

And even though a quarter of a can of your choice of beverage and a bag of 14 peanuts can lend to make it a tad more tolerable... it's really still a moot point when you're not even able to put your tray table down to accomodate this fine faire. So thank you so much God for giving somebody the presence of mind to invent Goldfishies!... Because sometimes, just a little baggie of them can really, really save your arse.

Proof in point..

Thank goodness it was only an hour and a half flight. But I felt so bad for Aaron and his long legs. Trust me, I know about long legs... and mine are relatively short compared to his.

But what fun... because at least we got a few fun stares. I mean twins will always equal a few of those right? So nobody once had even an ounce of a rotten heart to toss us off the plane.

Touchdown... Orange County. Whew!

Jade was so excited! (as well as being really cute!)

Some have asked how it was that we managed all the luggage...

Well, putting mathmatics to work... plus just a little elbow grease, here's how.

Me = My doubled up roller plus Jade's.

Whitney = Stoller plus big roller bag.

Aaron = Backpack and 2 large roller bags + dealing with all the car stuff.

All of us = "Jade... honey, stay close by please! Please?"

Onto the Condo...

We rented a great big car! Sorry we didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures of it. Getting in and out of that vehicle with all our "content" was work enough.

I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to travel to the Disney/Anaheim area, unless creaky floors bother you. The owners were pretty amazing with their timely responses on any issues and the place was stocked with all sorts of goodies, most of which had to be immediately placed on very high shelves...

Here are a few pictures.

There was a big TV which proved to be wonderful in the evenings... like for watching American Idol on that night I stayed at home on baby watch... And there was an awesome porch outside that we didn't spend too much time on after that intial fall when Everest fell backwards off the chair and crashed his head onto the patio slider... But catastrophe averted!

I can still picture the two little hook-on feeding chairs and the cereal mess beneath them...

The kitchen had everything you could possibly need including a state of the art blender for making margaritas! Not wanting to rock the boat I stuck to root beer floats... haha

Kids room, complete with PlayStation. We put Calder on the lower bunk in a baby tent and Everest in a Pack-n-Play. Jade spent the first half night on the top bunk but quickly moved into her parents room upon hearing a "scary noise." I'm hoping that the scary noise wasn't the snoring coming from the adjoining room...

Mine and the kids bathroom. So cute. *heart*

The most comfortable bed I've ever slept in!

Master Bedroom...

The Playground! Just a hop, step and jump away...


A little mom break...

Next Stop...Magic Kingdom! The Most Magical Place on Earth!!!

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  1. I love the picture of the boys with the fish crackers. It looks like a reflection, rather than 2 boys :D