Friday, May 11, 2012

It Was Such A Vacation Coming Home... Part 3 - The Happiest Place On Earth!


When we first got on the tram to go to the front gate of Magic World Jade said, "I LOVE this ride!"

I love her.

There's not much I can say here that Whitney hasn't already shared, and since these are all her pictures afterall and so, for her, not too many surprises... I still have a need to document a couple of things from what was probably one of my most memorable (and exhausting) days of my life. But first... I just love this picture!

We started from left to right. In Adventureland. I was told that typically most people tend to go to the right first, so we went against the grain.

And seriously, no lines at all! First stop Jungle Cruise. It was everything I had remembered it being, except for the stand up comedienne wannabe manning the boat...

Here's me and the boys underneath Tarzan's Treehouse still looking somewhat fresh.

And then quickly on to Pirates and Haunted Mansion. Who could have ever thought that holding on to two squirmy boys in line could be that much fun?

Jade was completely tall enough to ride Splash Mountain! YAY!

What a lovely day for a log ride and a splash down!

And she loved it!

Twice even!

And she loved Thunder Mountain too!

I think.

Ok... this day is already getting way to long and it's only noon! Where else can I manage to wheel this double stroller around while everyone else goes on the "big" rides? jk Not to worry. I'm REALLY not so much into the big rides.

We checked out the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique where for only $200+ your child can recieve a complete princess makeover while picking out a princess outfit which she can then wear around the park for the rest of the day and get ketchup all over it. "Trust me, you're not destined to be a completely horrible mom if you don't do this," I said. I hope she doesn't end up resenting me forever for talking her out of it.

I think my favorite moment of the day was most definitely It's A Small World, because well face it, no matter how how great your load in life might be... this ride will surely lighten it!

And I can honestly say there is nothing as precious as witnessing so much magic through a child's eyes. So if only for this one moment, it was an automatic happy, happy, succesful vacation just like that... in one fell swoop!

Except that almost equally as magical was glancing over at Jade's wide eyed and opened mouthed expression during Star Tours with her head planted firmly on the back of the seat... and then upon 'landing' hearing her say "Wow!!! That was absolutely crazy!" Haha. She is such a trooper!

And now, can we be silent for just a moment while I reflect on how many years I've dreamed about taking my future granchild on Dumbo?...

Aaron was pretty much jonesin' all day for a turkey leg, so when we rounded the Matterhorn and finally spied a stand that had them, he was all over it. It was a great little rest stop too. I searched out a ladies room, Whit went to grab some Fast Pass tickets... while Aaron chomped down on this very large... appendage. : )

But he SO deserved that moment of pleasure, because he then awesomely volunteered to trek those two very tired little boys back to the condo and put them to bed, leaving us girls to be able to enjoy the magic of the Main Street Parade. I nearly teared up as soon as it started.

It was sort of surreal... and I think I probably watched the dancers feet more than anything... just remembering all those cable car tracks... and hoping that none of them would get any of their high heels caught in them. haha.

But there was nothing more precious in the world than that "oh my gosh, wow!" expression that Jade put on her face when Princess Arial blew her a kiss!

Can't wait for the year-end video!

Anyway, I had such a great time with this little girl and I am just so thankful to have been able to spend this magical day with her! She was SO exhausted by the end of it!

But of course she would never let awwwwwnnn...

So are we really gonna try to do California Adventure tomorrow?


  1. Alison, not Anonymous said.... This was such a fun "ride" down memory lane. And the tracks, yes the perilous tracks! I don't remember any turkey leg stands though. They must be new. Looks like Jade loved to hate Splash Mountain.

  2. They may be my pictures, but I love reading about them from your point of view :) And looking at Jade's tired picture at the end actually made me yawn. I don't think I could do another day like those if you told me we were going back tomorrow.

  3. There is Nothing like taking your grandchildren to Disneyland and seeing it through their eyes! - Mother